Original Acrylic Paintings

original acrylic paintings, available for sale

Please contact me if you’re interested in adding any of these paintings to your collection. Pricing, dimensions etc. are at the bottom of the page.

Dona Muerta24" x 30"$3000acrylic on canvasNo
Et In Arcadia: Crow With Skull$550acrylic on woodYes
Red Angel With Sword$200acrylic on canvasNo
Our Lady With Raven24" x 30"$3000acrylic on canvasNo
Plague Doctor24" x 30"$3000acrylic on canvasNo
GoldfishNo75acrylic on canvasNo
Blue Angel$200acrylic on canvasNo
Life On Mars?8" x 10"$350acrylic on canvasNo
Red Crow8" x 10"$175acrylic on canvasNo
Raven with a Glimmer8" x 10"$75acrylic on canvasNo
City Night$300acrylic on canvasNo
The Bog House$200acrylic on canvasNo
Flatiron In The Dark$200acrylic on canvasNo
Lost in a Forest$100acrylic on canvasNo
Skull Among the Flowers (Oneness)$250acrylic on canvasYes
Masqued Noblewoman8" x 10"$100acrylic on canvasNo
The Koi Pond$200acrylic on canvasNo
Woman and Raven in Profile24" x 30"$550acrylic on canvasNo
Robert Smith on the Rooftop$250acrylic on wood panelNo
Textured Rose$150acrylic on canvasYes
Verbena$100acrylic on canvasNo