Et In Arcadia, Ego:

“The translation of the phrase is “Even in Arcadia, there am I”.
The usual interpretation is that “I” refers to death, and “Arcadia” means a utopian land.”

This is a phrase that’s always captured my imagination, and it crops up in popular culture and in my daily life every so often to remind me of my own mortality – and to motivate me to make art.

I’m equally fascinated by the concept of Arcadia as an imaginary place, and the persistence of the hard limits on human existence – no matter where one finds oneself. Life is short; creativity is important.

The first recorded usage was in the painting below by Guercino. Last year, I was surprised to find it inscribed on a concrete sculpture by Manfred May, a local artist whose work I admire:

Seems we all get a little philosophical sometimes! Please enjoy my art.